Ghost Whiskey


Our Deep Creek Distilling Ghost whiskey is the same product that we age in  new oak barrels to make our bourbon. This spirit is made from the same bourbon mash recipe and minimally aged in a new oak barrel. Because we use a large volume of grains to water, the consumer can savor the sweetness of the corn, the spicy, rich rye notes and the “freshly baked bread” smell that the wheat produces.

Even at a higher proof than many of our competitors, it does not overwhelm the palate and goes down extremely smooth. Deep Creek Distilling Ghost Whiskey can be mixed with cocktails like most other bourbons or consumed neat. It is offered in a 750 ml bottle at 92 proof.

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Weight 3.13 lbs
Dimensions 3.3 × 3.3 × 10.25 in

3 reviews for Ghost Whiskey

  1. Bren

    If you told me this was tequila I would not doubt you remotely. The smell alone made me think I accidentally bought tequila by mistake, but upon taste I had to do a double take. Then I had to go smell a few other bottles in case my palate suddenly ruined whiskey for me. It really is just as simple as this whiskey tastes every bit like tequila with a slight sweet finish to it. Can not recommend this to anybody intent on buying whiskey in any fashion, but it could be a useful replacement if all you have is casamigos on hand for a margarita. genuinely. It isn’t bad for tequila but I do not particularly feel thrilled to have a product I will only be able to use as a mixer in something I wouldn’t even put whiskey in. I have tried it with tea, ruins it for me sadly.

  2. Tom

    I just happened to be in the ABC store and saw these bottles sitting at the register waiting to be stocked. I was also intrigued and took a chance on it, also being a Veteran owned distillery I was more than happy to help support. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised by how good this is. Its unique characters and surprisingly smooth finish makes this whiskey one of my absolute favorites. If you see this, do yourself a favor and pick it up, you won’t be disappointed. I plan on making a trip to their tasting room soon to express my thanks in person. Well done.

  3. Ryan

    Saw this at ABC for the first time just yesterday and was intrigued. Took a bottle home and enjoy how smooth it is, especially with such a high proof. It’s like the Mezcal of Whiskey and provides an enormously flavorful spread across my palate. I’m enjoying it in the rocks (whiskey rock) but looking forward to including this with some cocktails and keeping it in rotation. Nice price too!

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